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Figuring Out How To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Pages

Figuring Out How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages


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Figuring out how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages can often be one of the most daunting tasks for a beginner in Internet marketing. You realize you have got to build a list, but without any subscribers to commence with, you can’t do any ad-swaps with anyone. To get yourself started, you’ve got to drive traffic yourself, and you’ll need to put your time and effort getting traffic from a source that is highly targeted and will convert guests into subscribers! In this article, I am going to enable you out by showing you the most effective way to decide how you might be going to obtain traffic to your very vital squeeze pages!

What Kind of Squeeze Page Do You might have?

The initial step is usually to build a high-converting landing page. I won’t go into too much detail here, but be sure that a visitor to your squeeze page can only opt-in to your email list or just leave. There should be no other links taking them to other webpages. It’s essential to limit your visitor’s options on your squeeze page.

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Paid Traffic or Free Traffic?

If you have got the money to spend on paid traffic, then you will see much faster results, however when starting out, a lot of individuals do not have a lot of money to spend on traffic. On top of that, working with paid traffic is usually a skill you’ve got to learn in itself, and as a result, you could lose a lot of money in that learning process. When you can’t afford to lose money, do not start with paid traffic.

If you have the money, the time and/or the skills to get paid traffic, then I recommend applying something like a PPV network to get started. The traffic converts well and generally speaking, PPV networks do not have very strict rules on what can be advertised, unlike Facebook, and Google AdWords.

Should you be going to use free traffic methods, then it’s necessary to remember that although free traffic does not cost you any money, it costs you your time. This time could be used to complete other elements to make money. There is a risk/reward ratio to balance and an opportunity cost to utilizing free traffic sources. The upside is, free traffic is not too difficult to obtain and does not cost money. The key to generating free traffic is always to stay consistent with your efforts.

Video Content material or Written Content?

Certain kinds of traffic convert better for certain offers and squeeze pages. When deciding on the way to generate traffic to your squeeze page, think carefully about your visitor’s experience.

Generally speaking, in case you have a video squeeze page (a video on the squeeze page) it is much better to send traffic to that squeeze page from video websites and traffic sources. A single great way to drive traffic with video is to do some keyword research, make a brief 3 minute video around your selected keywords, and upload them to YouTube and across 10 or so other video network websites. Ensure that all your videos link back to your squeeze page in the description box!

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Figuring Out How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages