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Can Memory Loss Be Linked To Aspartame

Here’s An Opinion On: Post Workout Supplements Online By Darrell Miller New research presented at the November meeting of Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans suggests NutraSweet (or aspartame) could be linked to aspartame consumption. Researchers at a University in Fort Worth, Texas believe aspartame consumed in excess could cause certain kinds of memory loss. […]

The Cost Of Slim Band Surgery In Canada: Cheaper Than In The United States

Here’s An Opinion On: Evolution Supplements Buy Dietary Supplement Online By Pete Malcolm With more and more people becoming obese and having problems losing their extra weight, a surgical option is available. While the procedure has impressing results, it is expensive. The procedure is less costly in other countries, so many people travel abroad to […]

Are Toxins And Allergens Causing An Autoimmune Epidemic?

Here’s An Opinion On: Weight Gain Supplement Australia By Mark Hyman, M.D. It’s a condition that affects 24 million Americans – and its incidence has tripled in the last few decades. It affects more women that breast cancer and heart disease combined. And it just may be caused by the huge burden of environmental toxins […]

Weight Loss: Tips, Ideas, Exercises, Programs, Supplements, Products &Amp; Diet Plans

Here’s An Opinion On: Buy Supplements Online Sydney Buy Supplements Online Australia By Imran Malik Fat people faces numerous problems in trying to be more active and smart, if you unfortunately are fat so you can’t move or work as the other people can who have average weight, it’s very difficult & challenging to loss […]