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Former US First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson dies at 94

Former US First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson dies at 94

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson nee Claudia Alta Taylor, wife of United States President Lyndon B. Johnson, has died at her home in Austin, Texas. She was 94.

She died of natural causes about 4:18 p.m. CDT (UTC-5). Her family and friends surrounded her when she passed.

Bess Truman, who reached the age of 97, was the only other first lady to live past 90. Lady Bird Johnson became first lady after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. After her husband’s presidency, she became known as an advocate of various environmental projects and environmentalism in general.

As President Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, criss-crossed States by road during the 1964 presidential campaign, she informed her husband of her feelings about the roadside junkyards they saw along the way. Inspired by her comments and enthusiasm from audiences, he observed “If it’s beautifying they want, it’s beautifying they’ll get.” Recognizing that “ours is an automobile society,” the President did not want to curtail roads. He wanted to make roads the “highways to the enjoyment of nature and beauty.” Lady Bird thought that her love of seeing Texas highways in spring had influenced her husband. She enjoyed the results of Texan wildflower conservation programs which began in the 1930s.

One of the most prominent results of the President’s beauty initiative was the Highway Beautification Act of 1965. It created restrictions on billboards and junkyards. As expected, it had been controversial. When the House considered its version of the bill on October 7, the debate lasted into the early morning hours of October 8. A pointed, but tongue-in-cheek amendment by Representative Robert Dole (R-Kan.) to strike out the term “Secretary of Commerce” wherever it appeared in the bill and insert the words “Lady Bird” lost by a voice vote. Saying, “Beauty belongs to all the people,” the President signed the bill and gave the pen to Lady Bird, along with a kiss on the cheek.

In 1982, she founded the National Wildflower Research Center to continue the mission of changing public attitudes toward native plants. In 1997 it was renamed the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

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Fuel leak prompts 17,000-vehicle recall by Toyota

Fuel leak prompts 17,000-vehicle recall by Toyota

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toyota announced on Friday that it will recall around 17,000 Lexus vehicles in response to risks of the fuel tank in the cars leaking after a collision.

The Lexus HS 250h model was subjected to the recall following a US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation. Despite previously passing Toyota safety inspections, the conclusions of an NHTSA sub-contracted investigator were that; when the vehicles in question collided with an object at more than fifty-miles-per hour, more than 142 grams of fuel, the maximum allowed by US law, leaked from the crashed car.

According to Toyota, further tests did not show any additional failure of the fuel tank.

In response to the findings, Toyota issued a recall of all affected vehicles, since the company had no solution immediately available. The recall includes 13,000 cars already sold, as well as another 4,000 still at dealerships.

Toyota says it plans to conduct further tests to determine the cause of the leak. A Toyota spokesman, Brian Lyons, said that the company was “still working to determine what the root cause of the condition is.” It’s still unclear when exactly the recall will take place, or when dealerships will be allowed to sell this model again. Lyons said that Toyota is “working feverishly to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Toyota isn’t aware of any accidents stemming from the leaking fuel tank in the affected vehicles, first introduced in the summer of 2009.

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Mendoza, Rivers Of Wine In Argentina

By Mariel Lizana

Mendoza is a wonderful location that it is not just known by its beautiful parks and for be one the most famous touristic destinations of Argentina. Now Mendoza has developing a new type of tourism, the rural tourism, taking advantage its many valleys and landscapes, ideal for the wine productions and also for a getaway into the nature.

With a privileged location, Mendoza has the best conditions for the development of vineyards of the highest quality. The weather, the height of mountain, the cold nights, the dry environment and watering by artificial channels are perfect to create wines of the finest quality.

The dry of the lands of Mendoza becomes ideal to produce wines that that are starting to be noted in the world. In this soil, there are factors that bring a special maturation and flavor to the grapes, such as the slowly absorption of the water in the vineyards and the effect of the sun in the high mountain.

Mendoza counts with more than 140 thousands of hectares of vineyards, many of them open to the tourists, with visit services, lunches and also accommodation. This are the “Roads of wines” that every year many tourists want to see and discover.

YouTube Preview Image

This new “wine tourism” is part of the rural touristic circuit that Mendoza has developed with the beauty of its valleys and old houses, where the visitors can relax and enjoy the typical attractions of the zone, such as the exquisite gastronomy, delicious fresh vegetables and ,of course, the finest wines.

Lujan de Cuyo, Maipu, Godoy Cruz and Guaymallen are the traditional zones of vineyards in Mendoza and here are the most typical cellars that open their doors for the visitors, who can visit them and enjoy the process of wine elaboration and the taste of the best strains.

In Mendoza there are other wine zones, like San Rafael, a place of many cellars and an oasis in the middle of the mountain. But the most part of vineyards are located in the zones of San Martin and Santa Rosa, that produce mostly table wines and that during the last years are experimenting in the preparation of premium wines, to offer to its visitors a high quality wine.

Other wine zones in Mendoza are Tupungato and San Carlos. Here the visitors will discover the best and most modern cellars that produce premium wines and have all the amenities to receive the tourists in their installations.

Mendoza produces wines that are still young and among the strains you can find syrah, malbec, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and bonarda, as well as the exquisite white wines and bubble wines, ideal to taste with the exquisite cooking of the zone.

And for enjoy a complete wine tour; the recommendation is to visit Mendoza during March, when they celebrate the Harvest Annual Party that joins more than 20 thousand people in a spectacle that includes music, folkloric dances and cultural expositions, besides of the election of the Queen of the Harvest among the girls of the different departments of the zone.

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New ‘clean water’ funding for Djibouti’s drought-stricken rural areas

New ‘clean water’ funding for Djibouti’s drought-stricken rural areas

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

With the announcement Monday of 2 million in new funding from the European Union (EU), the Republic of Djibouti’s Ministry of Agriculture hopes to provide some relief to an estimated 25,000 rural inhabitants suffering through severe drought conditions. The money, to be channeled through UNICEF for its water and sanitation program, will be used to develop new wells and improve existing ones.

UNICEF is to contribute a further €60,000, as well as technical expertise to the Ministry of Agriculture, who will carry out the bulk of the work.

“The two-year water supply project targeting rural districts is very significant since people living in 45 villages and their 40,000 heads of cattle will have access to clean drinking water,” said Joaquin Gonzalez, EU Representative in Djibouti.

At the same time, the UN aid agency World Food Program (WFP) indicated that it is working with the Ministry of Agriculture and UNICEF to gradually shift Djibouti’s reliance on emergency aid to a Food for Work program, which it hopes will assist nomadic herders in Djibouti with long-term sustainability. “What we are trying to do together with the Ministry of Agriculture and UNICEF is, for example to dig wells so that despite drought, these herders will be able to irrigate their fields,” said Simon Pluess, WFP spokesman. “And, together with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, we will try and promote vegetable gardens.”

Djibouti has survived harsh drought conditions for the past 5 years. Groundwater is the primary source of water for drinking and irrigation, but has been difficult to exploit and is often contaminated. Almost 50 percent of people in rural Djibouti do not have ready access to properly developed source of drinking water. And, due to the ongoing drought, water availability for livestock is limited. Livestock have shown signs of distress and, subsequently, milk production is down substantially.

Nearly half of all families in Djibouti’s northwest were forced to migrate to find pasture for their livestock. As the droughts continue, the importance of properly maintained wells has become apparent. “Life is harder and harder for us. Years ago there were more rains and also more pastureland for cattle. Now it is good for us to have functioning wells so that we can keep cattle here,” said Anou Amada, farmer in the village of Andoli.

A 2006 survey indicated that only 15 percent of wells in Djibouti were equipped with a protective concrete wall to prevent contamination. Andoli’s well is one of many undergoing repair through WFP’s Food for Work project.

“WFP couldn’t do this alone, so we work with the Ministry of Agriculture and UNICEF to dig wells and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization for vegetable gardens,” said Benoit Thiry, Director, WFP in Djibouti.

When the project is completed in 2008, it will have increased Djibouti’s water pump capacity by adding 25 solar-power pumps, which would compliment the current 61 diesel-powered pumps. “The advantage of solar…is that it is much cheaper and requires less maintenance,” said Omar Habib, UNICEF communication specialist. “We want the people to participate and to appropriate these pumping stations. The government’s role in the long term should be as restricted as possible,” he added.

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On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

On the campaign trail in the USA, July 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The following is the third edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: two individuals previously interviewed by Wikinews announce their candidacies for the Reform Party presidential nomination; a former Republican Congressman comments on the Republican National Convention; and Wikinews interviews an historic Democratic National Convention speaker.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=On_the_campaign_trail_in_the_USA,_July_2016&oldid=4588770”

Ku6 Acquisitions Ppmovie Nets To March To The Field Of Rising Player

Submitted by: Paul Hu

April 21, 2007, cool 6 today announced the acquisition by seasoned way all the shares, the latter pipi nets is headquartered in hangzhou P2P video website online.

According to the announcement, cool 6 nets have and hangzhou SouShi network Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “del piero nets”) shareholders to sell del piero nets matters reached an agreement that del piero nets will sell all of its stake to cool, cool 6 6 to the shareholders 2,212,114,257 pipi nets additional six common stock. Cool After completion, del piero nets will become a wholly owned subsidiary of cool 6.

The deal will be completed in forthcoming cool 6 special of shareholders for approval to the shareholders pipi nets provided secondary offerings expected in 2011, trading for the second quarter complete delivery.

Shanghai shanda networking Co., LTD. (one of the main shareholder cool 6 shanda interactive entertainment Co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of the) of the earliest investors pipi nets, one of the shares held del piero nets 32%, but also the one of the selling shareholders pipi nets.

YouTube Preview Image

6 three by cool composed of special committee of independent directors, representing the deal cool 6 of the negotiations, and adopted the independent financial appraiser KPMG (KPMG consulting (China) Co., LTD.) the fair sex opinions about price. This special committee has in 2011, 20 April approved the deal.

Del piero nets each shareholder since projects signed delivery 181 days to 2 years for stock lock regular agreement.

For the merger, cool and acting CEO of ZhuHaiFa said: “we are very pleased to announce and del piero nets merger. Del piero network is the best one of the Internet video media merger with del piero nets, then we will became the first Chinese in the browser end and player end also achieve the network video company scale. We believe it will make cool 6 to get more chances realizing synergies and rapid development, in the growing Chinese online video market, expand the market share in the number of users and advertisers populations continue to grow.”

Del piero nets CEO YangLiangHai said: “we are very excited to cool. 2011 six realize merger on March, del piero player at the same time the online user peak has reached 53 million. The combined company would be growing China’s online video advertising market competition position dominating in to this point, we are full of confidence.”

Cool 6 shares ended down 9.17% on Wednesday and submitted $5.15.

Today, cool morning 6 today announced acquisitions of Internet video based on P2P technology pipi nets pipi media companies will sell all of its shares net, and cool to cool 6 6 to the shareholders 2,212,114,257 pipi nets additional six common stock. Cool After completion, del piero nets will become a wholly owned subsidiary of cool 6.

Cool and acting CEO of ZhuHaiFa said: “del piero nets is the best Chinese Internet video media, and one of the merger pipi nets, then we will became the first Chinese in the browser end and player end also achieve the network video company scale. We believe it will make cool 6 to get more chances realizing synergies and rapid development, in the growing Chinese online video market, expand the market share in the number of users and advertisers populations continue to grow.”

Cool won big in early April and June $100 million fund support, recently action after merger, the original affiliate in continuous: six media’s independent cool sound network affiliates art, make it become a division; cool 6 A strategic cooperation with the phoenix network, the cooperation of both sides etc.were mainly embodied in the movie channel online operation; And JinJuan international advertising company to reach formal strategic cooperation, the cooperation of both sides project “JinJuan cool” formally launched 6 sets, to rally television channel resources, through networks interactive promote the platform content to ascend; Launch mobile broadcast sharing platform “onlookers” and enable domain names weiguan. Com.

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Media reports: Israeli warplanes training in Iraq

Media reports: Israeli warplanes training in Iraq

Sunday, July 13, 2008

In contrast with what unnamed source(s) in the Iraqi Defense Ministry told a local news network on Friday, The Jerusalem Post reports that Major-General Mohammad al-Askari, spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry was denying earlier reports that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has been training personnel and allegedly performing military exercises in Iraq.

On July 11, unnamed Iraqi sources told local news outlets in the country that the IAF was performing military exercises in the country and was using American military bases for places to land. The alleged exercise, claimed the sources, was an exercise aimed at preparing an attack on Iran.

The sources further stated that Israeli planes fly in from Jordan during the dead of night and land near the Iraqi city of Hadita reportedly at a U.S. landing strip. They added that Israeli planes were also detected at other bases in Iraq and that those strips were being prepared as places to launch an attack on Iran.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry denied that any such exercise was taking place stating, “as the Ministry of Defense, we haven’t observed any IAF warplanes practicing in Iraqi airspace.” The Israeli Defense Force also denied the allegations saying they were “baseless.”

The U.S. also denied the reports. “I find that report inconceivable and clearly someone is either misinformed or intentionally trying to create mischief,” stated Bryan Whitman, a spokesman for The Pentagon.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Media_reports:_Israeli_warplanes_training_in_Iraq&oldid=1966493”

Details emerge of Honda’s withdrawal from Formula One

Details emerge of Honda’s withdrawal from Formula One

Monday, December 8, 2008

More details have emerged over the weekend after the surprise announcement last week of Honda‘s intention to sell its Formula One racing team, Honda Racing F1. The team management, Nick Fry and Ross Brawn, have already announced confidence in their ability not only to find a buyer for the team but also to deliver the performance expected of Honda’s 2009 car. Prices as low as £1 have been put forward as possible prices tags for the Northampton based team, with Honda CEO Takeo Fukui stating that “Just to make the team possible to exist, a small price tag is acceptable”.

On Saturday the Japanese car giant said that before selling the team it was going to offer British driver Jensen Button, who had given the Honda team its only victory, a way out of his recently signed multi-million pound contract with the team so he could try to get a drive with other teams. However, Ross Brawn appears eager to retain the Briton and either retain Brazilian Rubens Barrichello or sign GP2 driver Bruno Senna, nephew of legendary racer Ayrton Senna. At an industry awards dinner, Button indicated his desire for a buyer to be found for Honda, saying any buyer would get “… a great team with excellent facilities. And with the leadership of Ross Brawn, and the whole team as they are, we can come through this and be on the grid in 2009”. Button has also spoken of his shock and pain at Honda’s decision.

Ross Brawn, who was brought into the Honda team with much fan fare before the 2008 season, has spoken of his shock at finding out about the sale of the team. Brawn, who is credited with helping Michael Schumacher and Ferrari dominate Formula One for much of the last decade, indicated he was expected funding cuts and had prepared a reduced budget but hadn’t expected the full withdrawal of support that Honda announced. Brawn has also indicated understanding of Honda’s reasoning, with their sales down 40% in some markets and Honda F1’s £200m+ budget a cost they were unwilling to bear.

Though Honda has committed to providing a budget for the team until March, the budget is lower than that which had been expected and so the team has had to pull out of the crucial winter tests at Jerez. This has denied Formula One hopeful Bruno Senna another test with the team and has combined with the engine implications of Honda’s withdrawal to push the new car’s final testing from January to March, just weeks before the first Grand Prix in Australia. Ross Brawn however remains confident of competing with new Formula One frontrunners BMW Sauber and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has tipped the team as a great buy, saying “I’ve no doubt Honda would have been in top four next year without any problems. They’ve spent a lot of money to put themselves in that position so if anyone does want to be in F1 this is a team they should look to buy. It’s a big opportunity for any company that’s run efficiently to benefit”.

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Glasgow cannabis enthusiasts celebrate ‘green’ on city green

Glasgow cannabis enthusiasts celebrate ‘green’ on city green
By Admin | Posted in Uncategorized

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coinciding with Easter Sunday, Glasgow Cannabis Social Club’s annual 420 event was held on Glasgow Green, under sunny blue skies, and overlooking the river Clyde. Despite the city’s council attempting to revoke permission for the gathering at the last minute, police were happy for it to go-ahead with approximately a dozen officers attending in high-visibility vests.

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The Daily Record reported five arrests were made for minor offences, likely smoking and possession of small quantities of cannabis. Taking a less-sensational — and more accurate — line of reporting, the Monday edition of Glasgow’s Evening News stated five were referred to the Procurator Fiscal who is responsible for deciding if charges should be brought.

Official figures provided by the police were that 150 attended. With people coming and going, Wikinews reporters estimated upwards of 200 attended, compared to nearly 700 who had signed up for the event on Facebook. Hemp goods were advertised and on sale at the event, and some attendees were seen drinking cannabis-themed energy drinks.

“I was searched and charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act (which is a lot of bollocks)” one attendee noted online, adding “not fair to happen on a brilliant day like it was, other than that I had a great day!” A second said they were openly smoking and ignored by police, who “were only really focusing on people who looked particularly young”.

Cannabis seeds were openly and legally sold at the event and a hydroponics supplier brought a motortrike towing an advertising trailer. Actually growing cannabis is, however, illegal in the UK.

With the event openly advocating the legalisation of cannabis, speakers put their arguments for this to a receptive crowd. Retired police officer James Duffy, of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, spoke of the failed United States alcohol prohibition policy; stressing such policies needlessly bring people into contact with criminal elements. Highlighting other countries where legalisation has been implemented, he pointed out such led to lower crime, and lower drug use overall.

One speaker, who produced a bottle of cannabis oil he had received through the post, asserted this cured his prostate cancer. Others highlighted the current use of Sativex by the National Health Service, with a cost in-excess of £150 for a single bottle of GW Pharmaceuticals patented spray — as-compared to the oil shown to the crowd, with a manufacturing cost of approximately £10.

Similar ‘420’ pro-cannabis events were held globally.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Glasgow_cannabis_enthusiasts_celebrate_%27green%27_on_city_green&oldid=3759078”
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