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Living with HIV during COVID-19: Wikinews talks to HIV-positive sex workers about how pandemic has affected their lives

Living with HIV during COVID-19: Wikinews talks to HIV-positive sex workers about how pandemic has affected their lives

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The spread of coronavirus led to a global pandemic, affecting various daily activities. Originated in Wuhan, China, the virus spread globally, and by March, drastic measures were taken by the Indian government. Some branches of the South Western Railway of India had started taking precautions by distributing masks to ticket collectors and guards from as early as March 8. Some colleges were suspended by March 13, their exams post-poned as the government introduced lockdown and enforced social distancing.

Announced in the evening, Indian Prime Minister asked the countrymen to get the essential products and avoid going out as much as possible. Long queues outside the grocery shops, people in masks, some in N-95 masks, and hand sanitisers at the gates of megamarts were a common sight. There were reduced items in the shops, and some stores had a limit of number of customers allowed in the store at any given time. Food delivery services, and taxi services were on haitus — workers who dependent on the profession for their daily income, while software engineers were working from home. Physical classes in schools and colleges were replaced by online lectures to prevent social gatherings.

While many relied on technology for continuing their work and earn their livelihood, Wikinews reached out to sex workers in Mysore in June who unlike others can’t maintain social distancing for their work. Two sex-workers, Akram Pasha, and Jaya (a pseudonym), who were a part of sex-worker’s group called “Ashodaya Samithi” discussed how their lives had been affected by the coronavirus, the lockdown and the restrictions they had faced.

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The Concept Of Unf And Unef Thread Gages}

The concept of UNF and UNEF thread gages


Frank Xu

Screws, nuts, bolts, and pipes are very common tools in any manufacturing industry. Each of these tools has threads for fixing them properly. Imagine what happens if you do not use the right combination. The screws or the nuts fall off thereby creating lots of problems. In case of heavy machinery, there are chances of accidents taking place. Hence, there is a need to check the tolerance levels of these threaded tools. You have an instrument known as the gauge that is able to check these tolerance levels and determine the pitch of the threads. There can be coarse threads or fine threads depending on their usage. This brings the concept of UNEF thread gages and UNF thread gages.

Different types of threads

There are many types if thread series depending on their usage. They are the Metric, Unified, National Taper Pipe, Aeronautical taper pipe, and the British Standard Whitworth.

In the industry level, the usage is mostly restricted to the first two types alone. Countries like the US and Canada use the Unified Thread System whereas the other countries all over the world use the Metric System. The US and Canadian industries are also gradually making the switch over to the metric system over a period. The principal difference between the two systems is that the Unified Thread system uses the inch as a unit of measurement and the metric system uses the centimeter or the millimeter as its unit of measurement.

We shall now concentrate on the Unified System that is further classified into UNC (coarse), UNF (fine), UNEF (extra fine), UNS (special) and UN (constant pitch). The major difference is in the presence of threads per inch (tpi). It is usually fixed for each category.

The 5/16 UNC has 18 tpi whereas 5/16 UNF has 24 tpi, and 5/16 UNEF has 32 tpi.

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Difference between coarse and fine threads

Let us see the difference between the two types of gauges, coarse and fine threads.

The Coarse threads: The advantages of coarse threads are as follows.

1. Easy to assemble with minimum chance of cross threading

2. Minor damage to threads when you handle of ship them

3. Does not easily strip when you fasten into lower strength materials

4. Possible to have thicker plating as there is less chance of corrosion

5. Exhibit better fatigue resistance because of less concentration of stress at thread root radius

The fine threads: These are the advantages of using finer threads.

1. They have a larger tensile area and thus exhibit higher strengths in tension

2. Shorter thread depth allows for threading in thin wall applications

3. The smaller helix angle and finer threads enable precise adjustment

4. When there is restriction of length, the finer threads provide greater strength.

5. Easier to tap into harder materials

There is not much difference between extra fine and fine threads. You use the extra fine threads in sophisticated instruments and tools.

You have two different gages to determine the pitch of the fine and the extra fine threads. They are the UNF thread gages and UNEF thread gages respectively.

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Thread gauges

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UNEF thread gages


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Senior Care: Making A Home Safe

One of the biggest fears anyone involved in senior care faces is an injury. If you care about the elderly family member in your life, you owe it to them to make your home (or their home) as safe as possible for them to get around. Here are some things you can do to make a home safe.

One of the biggest fears anyone involved in senior care faces is an injury. Falling down is not something someone at twenty or thirty or even forty gives much thought to. Even if it happens, it’s rarely a cause for much concern. For someone in their 70s or older, however, falling down can become nothing short of a catastrophe. Bones get more brittle as we age and hip breaks are common. Unfortunately, they can also mean the introduction to a vastly reduced quality of life. If you care about the elderly family member in your life, you owe it to them to make your home (or their home) as safe as possible for them to get around. Here are some things you can do to make a home safe.

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Do a Walkthrough

The best way to figure out what you need to do to a home to make it safer for senior care is just a simple walkthrough. Grab a pen and a notepad and do a full tour of the home, taking note of anything that could present a hazard. This means any boxes that have been left out, any cords that could trip up an unsuspecting walker, and anything that might be blocking a pathway. These things are easy to overlook on a daily basis, but they could mean the difference between a safe home and a death trap.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Even a very young person can injure or kill themselves in the bathroom if they aren’t careful. The combination of many hard surfaces, edges, and the presence of water makes it a hazard. While there is nothing you can do to make a bathroom completely safe, there are certain things you can do to decrease the risks. Put a sticky bathmat in the tub. Consider installing a rail in the shower. You may want to look into a walk-in tub to take away the risk of stepping over the side. Some senior care experts advise paring down the medicine cabinet to only those medications that are needed.

General Safety

Of course, accidents don’t just happen in the bathroom. Anyone concerned with senior care needs to make sure the whole house is safe. Other things you can do include installing railings in hallways and rooms that make mobility that much easier, putting an emergency contact list by the phone, and installing a stair-lift if you deem it necessary to do so. Of course article Search just scratches the surface. The best way to figure out what you need to do is to spend some time observing how your loved one gets around the house and make accommodations that can avoid problems.

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Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro injured in Preakness, does not finish race

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro injured in Preakness, does not finish race

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, sent as the post-time odds-on favorite in this year’s Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, breaks down in the opening stretch of the race, shattering any chance of a Triple Crown winner this year. Bernardini, the 12-1 4th choice out of 9, ends up winning this year’s Preakness, stopping the clock at 1:54.65. Following up 5 1/4 lengths behind was Sweetnorthernsaint, sent to the post at 8-1, and Hemingway’s Key at 29-1, six lengths further back.

According to Dr. Larry Bramlage, the on-call veterinarian for the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Barbaro’s injury was “significant” and “would require major stabilizing surgery.” Barbaro’s injury effectively ended the horse’s racing career.

Bernardini, a colt by A.P. Indy out of Cara Rafaela, by Quiet American, was bred and is owned by the Darley Stable of Sheikh Mohammed, is trained by Tom Albertrani, and was ridden to victory by Javier Castellano. Today’s Preakness marks the first Preakness win for jockey Javier Castellano, who previously rode Ghostzapper to a win in the 2004 Breeders’ Cup Classic. The Preakness was only Bernardini’s 4th career start.

Bernardini paid $27.80 on a $2 win bet. The $2 Exacta of Bernardini and Sweetnorthernsaint (8-7) paid $171.60, the $1 Trifecta with Hemingway’s Key in third (8-7-3) paid $1,956.40, and the $1 Superfecta with 2nd-favorite Brother Derek (8-7-3-6) paid $11,151.20.

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Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau

Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The name Robert Cailliau may not ring a bell to the general public, but his invention is the reason why you are reading this: Dr. Cailliau together with his colleague Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, making the internet accessible so it could grow from an academic tool to a mass communication medium. Last January Dr. Cailliau retired from CERN, the European particle physics lab where the WWW emerged.

Wikinews offered the engineer a virtual beer from his native country Belgium, and conducted an e-mail interview with him (which started about three weeks ago) about the history and the future of the web and his life and work.

Wikinews: At the start of this interview, we would like to offer you a fresh pint on a terrace, but since this is an e-mail interview, we will limit ourselves to a virtual beer, which you can enjoy here.

Robert Cailliau: Yes, I myself once (at the 2nd international WWW Conference, Chicago) said that there is no such thing as a virtual beer: people will still want to sit together. Anyway, here we go.

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Super Scalping With An Emini Trading System

By Jonnm Emini

In the last ten years online day trading has grown with there not being any shortage of wonderful emini trading systems. Yet day traders challenge against other day traders within the index futures markets on a almost every day basis, day trading alone is a individual type of work which will soon show a futures trader their blessings, downfalls, and other traits. In this post, we will discuss why a day trading system will work for many index traders and fail beyond disbelief with other index traders.

Emini scalping occurs when a emini trader is trying to to pinch only a quick trade of a couple seconds to a couple minutes to take a 2-10 ticks to a couple points, therefore the about “scalping” as a little off the top is profit. The emini trader is not looking for huge gains, yet tiny protected profits. A scalper does not want the trade to go in the other direction of his/her trade. The scalper does not hold or like these styles of trades. The futures day trader may take a massive amount of transactions within the day trading session which can add up at the end of the trading session The single downfall to scalping is the transaction fees brokers charge. A large loss can wipe out hard work immediately. It is a must to get an Emini trading system that fits for your style of emini day trader.

YouTube Preview Image

Any emini trading system demands serious hours of commitment and dedication, no matter if the market trader is day trading stocks, swing trading options or scalping emini contracts. If the day trader is utilizing a emini scalping method, an emini trading system, he should be committed to this methodology and not revert his emini trading system as soon as this commitment has occurred. A futures trader may start the day planning to only scalp day trade the most all the day.Yet, after they take in a few points and could exit the trade, they chose to day trade in a longer time frame and hold the position and stay in for a good amount of time because the market seems to be continuing in the necessary course. They forget about the emini trading system rules.

Their excitement almost immediately turns to dismay when the index suddenly changes and turns for the worst, This uncoils the points they once had and are now underwater on the trade. Panic almost immediately shifts to frustration as the index becomes lower and very quickly turns to fear if no stop loss is set reason being the market continues to go deeper and deeper against their position. Now, at this point, the index trader cancels their position with with negative loss and frustration sinks in as the trader realizes if he had stayed to his original plan of only scalping a few points, then money would be in the bank.

Scalping the emini futures market is a excellent way of index futures trading if using the right emini trading system. Veteran traders have a lot of success with scalp index trades when having the best system. Only by committing to a emini trading system and pursuing the ordinances of that system will a futures trader be happy. Changing your emini trading system once entered a trade can sometimes yield greater profits, yet it is very important to never move your stops. It is also best to pull off contracts for guaranteed profits, but it will most likely always lead to disaster when the emini sp trader lacks the sound discipline to believe in the rules of the emini trading system. Greed, distress and lack of discipline are many times usually cause a trader to fail.

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Lava flows from Mount Merapi

Lava flows from Mount Merapi

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Scientists warn that Mount Merapi, or “The Mountain of Fire,” a large Indonesian volcano on the island of Java is likely to erupt. Molten lava and shallow volcanic earthquakes were recorded on Wednesday, as well as further tremors on Thursday morning.

Mount Merapi is the most active of 130 volcanoes in Indonesia. It is a strato-volcano with an active summit lava dome. It has small eruptions every 3-4 years and larger eruptions every 10-15 years. It has produced more pyroclastic flows, popularly known as heat cloud and magma, than any other volcano in the world. The last fatal eruption happened in 1994, killing 60. During the eruption in 1930, 1,300 people died. Historians say that Mount Merapi has been erupting for 10,000 years.

Mount Merapi is considered very sacred by the locals. According to the local folk-lore the volcano’s eruption is the result of spirits being angered by not receiving sufficient offerings or by a disrespectful attitude among the people in slopes. 27,000 locals in 3 villages could be affected by this eruption. Scientists gave a warning of eruption a fortnight back and asked for immediate evacuation. The nearest city is Yogyakarta. The awesome sight of the erupting volcano has attracted many tourists and locals.

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Canada pursues new nuclear research reactor to produce medical isotopes

Canada pursues new nuclear research reactor to produce medical isotopes

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Saskatchewan provincial government alongside the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) have come together to establish a CA$500 million, 10 megawatts research nuclear reactor to produce medical isotopes.

“In 1949 … cobalt-60 treatment was tried for the first time here in Saskatchewan, where it saved a woman battling cervical cancer. Maybe we can lead again in terms of nuclear medicine,” said Brad Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan, “Governments should be involved in pure research. We’re dealing with some circumstances as they present themselves”

“We’ve had faculty that are interested in this. We have an issue of national importance, We see a reason why the U of S and the province could assist in this national issue. We see how it could help the country. We see how it could build on the university’s research strength,” said Richard Florizone, U of S vice-president of finance and resources.

The research conducted at the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron on campus would be enhanced by a research reactor.

“In the case of a power reactor, in Saskatchewan we have much better alternatives. In the case of a medical isotopes research reactor, this may be a circumstance where the benefits outweigh the risks,” said Peter Prebble, director of energy and water policy for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.

The nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Ontario in Canada was shut down on Thursday, May 14 by the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) due to a leak of heavy water and will not re-open until late 2009 or spring of 2010.

The repairs of the NRU are complex and challenging. “I’ve heard it described as . . . trying to change the oil in your car from your living room. We’re faced with conducting remote investigations in a radioactive environment with high radiation fields, conducting the examinations and inspections through small openings in the top of the reactor and accessing over great distances,” said David Cox, director of the NRU engineering task force.

“The unplanned shutdown of the NRU will result in a significant shortage of medical isotopes in Canada, and in the world, this summer,” said Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health and Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources.

The Petten reactor in the Netherlands is another of the six extant nuclear reactors globally. It must also be shut down between mid July and mid August.

Medical isotopes are used in diagnostic procedures for cancer, heart disease and other medical conditions. When radioactive isotopes are injected into the body, radiologists can view higher radiation via medical imaging, enabling them to make a more accurate diagnosis.

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News briefs:August 02, 2010

News briefs:August 02, 2010
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Ease The Pain Without Addiction At The Back &Amp; Neck Care Center

byAlma Abell

Back and neck injuries happen quite often. A fall or car accident can cause serious issues that can lead to long-lasting pain in the back and neck. Even poor posture can lead to serious issues in these areas. Far too often, these injuries are to soft tissue areas that are difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to correct by a primary doctor. The pain from these issues can last a lifetime and cause serious limitations to one’s daily activities. These limitations can severely decrease a person’s quality of life and, sometimes, limit their ability to work. This can also lead to other issues, such as depression. Many common treatments can pose further complications and limitations. However, treatment at the Back & Neck Care Center can be another option.

Very often, treatments for back and neck pain consist of pain medications. These medications come with a plethora of side-effects, such as drowsiness, that can compromise a person’s ability to perform daily activities. Although the pain may be relieved, a person may still be unable to get out and enjoy their life. In addition, the body adjusts to pain medication over time. This can often require the person to take more pain medication to treat the same pain. Long-term use of pain medications can also lead to addiction. This can be a difficult problem for anyone to handle. The Back & Neck Care Center provides alternative treatments for pain that can lessen or eliminate one’s dependency on pain medications.

Chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial in treating back and neck pain. Often, this pain is caused by misaligned bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Manipulation of these areas can help realign the area to promote healing. The stimulation also promotes circulation and helps with healing as well. In addition to manipulation, a patient is also instructed in how to perform range-of-motion exercises, depending on their injury and pain, to improve proper use and promote healing. For many patients, dependency on pain medication can be reduced or eliminated. It can also allow a person to return to a pain-free life. For more information, you can Click Here.